Companion Dog Show held under Kennel Club Rules and Regulations

Judge: Anthony Hall, Tarves, ELLON
Entry Fee £1.00
Trophy for best dog in Show


Classes 210 - 218 are for Pedigree Dogs Only

Breed Classes
210 Any Variety Puppy (6-12 months old) 1st – 4th rosettes
211 Any Variety Veteran (over 7 years old) 1st – 4th rosettes
212 Any Variety Toy 1st - 4th rosettes
213 Any Variety Utility 1st - 4th rosettes
214 Any Variety Pastoral 1st - 4th rosettes
215 Any Variety Working 1st - 4th rosettes
216 Any Variety Hound 1st – 4th rosettes
217 Any Variety Terrier 1st – 4th rosettes
218 Any Variety Gundog 1st – 4th rosettes
Best in Show & Reserve Best in Show to be awarded to unbeaten dogs from the above classes.

Novelty Classes (all dogs)
219 Large Dog in best condition – dogs (cross breeds only)
220 Large Dog in best condition – bitches (cross breeds only)
221 Small Dog in best condition – dogs (cross breeds only)
222 Small Dog in best condition – bitches (cross breeds only)
223 Dog with waggiest tail (all dogs)
224 Dog with saddest eyes (all dogs)
225 Dog the Judge would most like to take home (all dogs)
226 Best Six Legs (all dogs)
227 Best Trick (all dogs)
Special Best in Show to be any dog which has one a first prize in any of the Novelty Classes.

The above sections are by permission of the Scottish Kennel Club subject to Kennel Club Rules F (4). Dogs competing do not require to be registered at the Kennel Club, but entries are only accepted on condition that each exhibitor agrees to exhibit under the regulations of the Scottish Kennel Club for companion dog shows.

● Dogs should be kept on leads for the duration of the Show.
● It is your responsibility to clear up any mess your dog makes in or around the Showground.

● Only undocked and legally docked dogs may be entered for exhibition at this show.
● Entries taken on field from 1.30 pm and prior to each class.
● Judging commences at 2.00pm.


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SHOW LOCATION: Central & West Fife Agricultural Society
Hilton of Beath Farm, Kelty, KY4 0HQ

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Charity Number: SC035462
Holding Number: 78/394/8000

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