Welcome to the Light Horse Exhibitor page. Please read all the notes below before entering classes. If you have a question which is not answered here, please contact the Light Horse Secretary at, and allow a couple of days for a response. Although most queries will be answered the same day, sometimes it takes a little longer.

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Our EntryMaster Gold system is now OPEN for entries.

Click the RED button below to make entries online.




As with last year, we have combined the Affiliated and Unaffiliated schedules into one Light Horse Schedule, with one Entry Form. For those exhibitors who enter classes in both sections, this means having to complete a single online transaction, or post one paper entry.


There is no differentiation in the catalogued entry charges, with Unaffiliated and Affiliated classes at £10.00 per entry. Our online entry system will automatically charge you the correct amount but if you are sending in a paper entry, please refer carefully to the entry fee stated at the beginning of each section. We have not increased our entry fees for a few years and there is no separate charge for First Aid. All exhibitors do have to be Members of the Society but a day membership charge is also included in the entry fee, so there are no additional costs.


The schedule is available now and can be found at the top of this page. If you are unable to access the schedule online, or download the relevant section, please request a paper copy be sent to you. There are a limited number of paper copies available, and obviously we want to be environmentally aware, so please only make a request if absolutely necessary. All previous exhibitors who have provided an email address will automatically have the schedule emailed to them. Please feel free to share the schedule with others.




To keep our costs (and entry fees) down, we do not send out exhibitor numbers or showfield passes in advance. Our online entry system will email a confirmation receipt of entries, so if you enter by this method, please have a copy of your receipt available to show (paper or on-screen) to the gate steward. Exhibitor numbers will be available to collect from the Light Horse Secretary's tent on the horse field from 7.30am. Please arrive in good time to collect these before your class.


Unfortunately, agricultural shows become more and more expensive to run each year and we rely on the gate money income to break even. Our committee actively encourages accompanied children, under 16, to attend the show and therefore their entry is free. The gate stewards will use discretion to allow exhibitors and other adults free access to the showground, however, please do not abuse this system. It is unreasonable to expect free entry for groups entering the showfield with one horse or pony, regardless of how many classes it is entered in. To ease congestion at the entry gate, please be prepared to pay the gate steward (cash only) or pre-pay for tickets at the time of entering your horses / ponies.




At West Fife Show, we operate a two tier entry system, both online and by post.


  • Entering by the first closing date will afford you the cheapest entries and ensure that your name is entered in our catalogue. All entries £10.00 per class.


  • For a surcharge, you can enter until a few days before the show. Paper entries that miss the first deadline will be expected to pay the higher entry charges. You will be notified by email or text if your entry fee is insufficient. Late arrival entries will be processed but the additional payment will be expected at the time exhibitor numbers are collected. All late entries £15.00 per class (except Loch Leven Equine sponsored).


  • We accept entries on the day at the advertised rate. Should you wish to enter on the day please note, we will accept CASH ONLY. There will be no facility for card payments and unfortunately, cheques are no longer accepted. If you have independent internet access, it may be possible to make an online entry on the day, at the applicable rate. You must be able to show your on-screen receipt to the late entry stewards in the Light Horse Secretary's tent, to receive your late entry slip. All entries on the day £15.00 per class.


All entries on the day must be paid for in advance of the class. A late entry slip will be issued to hand to the ring steward as you enter the ring. You may be asked to leave the ring if there is no record of pre-payment.




Central and West Fife Show hosts an expanding number of Scottish and National Qualifiers for various equine organisations. If these are of interest, please read the guidance notes from the relevant organisation as pertinent to the specific qualifiers of interest. These can be found at the end of the schedule, with further notes within each section, immediately prior to the classes to which they refer. It is the exhibitors responsibility to ensure they are eligible and comply with the regulations stated.




Please follow the advice of our parking stewards and park your lorry or trailer with consideration for others. As ever, space is limited, so park as closely to neighbouring vehicles as possible without compromising safety. If you are driving a lorry horsebox, please be aware that you will be excluded from parking under the cables running across part of the field. This is a precautionary request erring on the side of safety.


Please respect the generosity of the Thomson Family in allowing us to host the show on their farm and do not muck out your lorry or trailer onto the parking site. All litter should be disposed of in the bins provided, or taken home.


For information on parking cars in the Light Horse Lorry Park, please refer to Regulation 19 at the front of the schedule. Pre-payment can be made at the time of entering online but again, a receipt will be required for the gate steward.



Thank you for reading all the notes. Remember that the General Regulations for the show can be found at the beginning of the schedule and that we assume you have read these, and agree to comply, when you make an entry. We hope that you will find suitable classes in the schedule and proceed to make an entry. Our Light Horse Committee look forward to welcoming you at the show and wish everyone the best of luck on the day and remember we are all involved, in whatever capacity, because it is fun!






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